Content Strategy for the WebEven though I am not a copy writer or on a editorial team (yet), I believe a website’s quality centers around content – it’s the initial reason why visitors go to on the web: they need to find stuff. But when a (large )website has been online for more than three years, dust start settling in on some pages. These pages are not looked at anymore, not by the editors and even the visitors quickly move away from the page would they encounter them. It’s like opening a door, finding a room filled with old stuff you didn’t want to see. It just doesn’t hold any relevance anymore.

We all have encountered this at least sometimes, and this made me wonder how to make sure your website stays relevant. How to keep your content fresh? Does it add to your online success? I know website visitors will spot old and irrelevant content from miles away. But where to start? Just deleting some pages might not be the trick. Is the answer to go and look at Google Analytics in order to find the pages that are lowest in ranking? In my quest to find answers on these questions I happened to bump into a great read called Content strategy for the web on from (you can get a free sample chapter here).

Basically what’s the problem with large sites with old content, that it’s just kind of organically grown like that. And that there is no such thing as a content strategy. You might think ouch. But the great thing about strategy is you can start applying it from any existing situation. You don’t necessarily need a new website. But you do need a vision and a plan – it’s that simple. More on this book later as soon as I finished it.

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