Paper prototyping workshop

A group of 24 Media Design students from the Fontys attended my guest lecture and paper prototyping workshop today (have a look at the presentation – in Dutch).

In short: after I explained what paper prototyping is, when I use it and how I choose to execute user testing sessions we dove into the real stuff with a hands-on workshop.

Main take-aways today were:

  • Think in steps, first get the whole picture and secondly zoom in on details – repeat!
  • Paper prototyping is lean & mean, no computer necessary.¬†All your focus is on the user experience!
  • Prototyping on paper, keeps you away from the computer & code, prevents you from having to redo code in a later stage.
  • During user testing with the paper prototypes, it’s quickly visible that details are easily overlooked: notifications, warnings, confirmations, etc.
  • Getting feedback from someone who is not part of your development team, is very valuable!
  • Iterate: incorporate your findings in the paper prototype and test again with new users. You’ll quickly refine your prototype based upon real human feedback!

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